Dr. Amin Salmasi – Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Amin hails from Montreal and has studied and worked all across Canada. He has always been an avid student and has pursued multiple fields of research and science. He started his journey at McGill University studying the field of microbiology and immunology. Upon completion of degrees in microbiology and immunology, he obtained his dental degree at McGill, then entered the hospital dental residency program at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital (BCCH) in Vancouver.

At the BCCH he was responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of many special needs children coming in from all across British Columbia. To further his interest in the dental treatment of patients with special needs, he conducted his master’s thesis in public health and researched the subject of access to care for adults with developmental disabilities. He continued his education in the field of pediatric dentistry by pursuing a master’s graduate degree at the University of British Columbia with a concentration on craniofacial sciences.

During his academic career, Dr. Amin was a clinical instructor at UBC in the pediatric dentistry department. There he would teach dental students the best methods for interacting and treating children of all ages and abilities. Also concurrent with his studies, Dr. Amin practiced dentistry in many different communities ranging from small (North Battleford, Saskatchewan) to large (Vancouver).

Dr. Amin has a passion for access to dental care and has participated in several dental missions in countries such as Cambodia (Angkor Wat Children’s Hospital) and Guatemala (Casa Guatemala Orphanage). Dr. Amin also has a keen interest in languages and speaks English, French, Farsi, and Turkish (Azeri) and always loves to practice his languages with his little patients.