Can Teeth Extraction And Dental Implants Be Done Simultaneou...

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Dental implants correct a variety of dental issues. It’s an ideal solution for repairing teeth that have been damaged by trauma or decay, and many patients have achieved lasting results. In some cases, teeth need to be extracted before applying a dental implant. Although these are two distinct procedures, many patients wonder if teeth extractions and dental implants can be done simultaneously. The following will help you understand how to get the best results from these treatments and avoid some of the common mistakes. Understanding Dental Implants A dental implant procedure consists of many phases. The complexity of your treatment depends on your particular needs and other factors. These include the removal of the damaged tooth, the application of the implant, and the placement of the crown. The crown is attached through the use of an abutment, which allows for the full tooth replacement that’s visible when you smile. Implants…

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