What Is Periodontal Disease?

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Periodontal disease or periodontitis is an infection of the structures that support  the teeth such as the gums and the bone. In its earliest stage, periodontal disease appears in the form of gingivitis. If left untreated, periodontal disease can be very dangerous. How Does Periodontitis Occur? Periodontal disease occurs when an excessive buildup of bacteria forms on your gum line and between your teeth. This bacteria is known as plaque and your body has trouble fighting it in the same way it can fight off other pathogens. Your immune system tries its best to rid your body of dental plaque which causes your gums to swell and bleed, leading to gingivitis and eventually periodontal disease. Besides the effects of periodontitis on your gums, it can damage your teeth as well. When plaque builds up on your teeth, it hardens over time and turns into tartar, becoming an even bigger magnet…

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