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Sedation Dentistry in Airdrie

Sierra Dental Airdrie is a full-service dental clinic in Airdrie. Our goal is to help you improve your family’s smile and keep your teeth for life. We understand that seeing a dentist can be a stressful experience. That’s why we’re happy to ease your fear with multiple sedation options including IV SedationOral Sedation and Nitrous Sedation.

Our team of Airdrie dentists and dental hygienists take a personalized approach to your dental care and we want to make your visits with us as comfortable as possible. We also offer emergency dental assistance 24/7. Schedule an appointment online today or call our office at (403) 768-1000.

Sedation DentistryWe strive to reverse your perception of going to the dentist. We believe that something as important and necessary as preserving your oral health and overall wellness should also be comfortable, and even enjoyable. That’s why we offer multiple options for sedation dentistry to Airdrie patients to help you feel relaxed and comfortable whatever procedure you may require.

We find that our guests appreciate having multiple alternatives so we give you the opportunity to choose the sedation option you’re most comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Sedation Questions

Do you offer any dental sedation methods for children?

Conscious sedation is used on children that require multiple procedures at once. This type of sedation is also used on children with special needs because it allows them to relax while the dental work is being done. Conscious sedation will not put your child to sleep, although they may become sleepy. They will still be able to respond to voices and have full control over their protective resources. These include:

  • Gas (inhaled)

  • Pill or syrup (swallowed)

  • Shot (injected)

  • Intravenously (through the veins)

Oral sedation is another form of dental sedation used for children. This type of sedation is often used on children who require more help when it comes to sitting still. It is also used when a child is extremely anxious about their dental procedure.

General anesthesia will render your child unconscious so that the dentist can safely work on their mouth. Your child will fall into a deep sleep and will feel no pain. General anesthesia is administered in a hospital by an anesthesiologist and is required for larger surgeries like the removal of tonsils. Your child will be monitored when they are under general anesthesia to ensure that no risks are incurred.

Should you consider sedation dentistry?

Patients will have a number of reasons as to why they prefer to be sedated. Nonetheless, a dentist will be happy to offer one of the various forms of sedation to a patient as long as they deem it to be necessary.

  1. Fear of pain

  2. Fear of dentists

  3. Anxiety

  4. Sensitive teeth

  5. Restlessness

  6. Chronic jaw pain

  7. Does not respond well to other anesthetics

Sedation can be extremely beneficial to patients. When going to the dentist frightens you, the thought of pain scares you, or you can’t sit still long enough for a lengthier procedure, consider sedation dentistry.


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