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Dentistry for Kids in Airdrie

Pediatric Dentist in Airdrie

Pediatric Dentist in AirdrieSierra Dental Airdrie is a comprehensive dental clinic which offers care for every member of your family, ranging from children to seniors.

We understand the needs of every child can be quite different. Pediatric dentists are specifically trained to provide effective care to treat little ones in a variety of situations. As such, they have ample experience dealing with issues that your child may have or develop throughout their early years.

Meet our Pediatric Dentist – Dr. Amin Salmasi

Dr. Salmasi (or “Dr. Amin”, as his patients call him) strongly believes in taking the time to learn the motivations and mannerisms of each individual child. We know that a dental appointment can be stressful for both the child and the parent, and while we can’t guarantee that every appointment will be “easy”, we do everything we can to ensure that your child will be cared for and feel as though their (and your) concerns are being taken seriously and treated appropriately.

We also don’t believe in chemical solutions for all dental problems; as such, our philosophy is to treat our pediatric patients through behaviour management and creating a fun, positive experience, rather than using oral sedation.

The team at Sierra Dental Airdrie believes it is important to relate to your child. Our Sierra staff that work with children love spending time with them and understand how to motivate and inspire them to clean and care for their mouths 365 days a year; not just when they visit the dentist’s office.

We also work with parents to notice and become more aware of their child’s developmental changes. This helps parents understand habits that may create adverse health effects for their children as they grow. Our practice is based on the belief that making things fun while empowering the kids to create a habit of morning and evening home care is one of the first steps to a lifetime of oral and overall wellness.

Positive Dental Visits for Your Kids

At Sierra Dental in Airdrie, we believe in creating an environment where both you and your child feel comfortable. Dr. Amin specializes in dentistry for children, so he tries to understand the fears children have of the dentist, and how to ease them.

Dr. Amin also uses his knowledge and experience with children to educate them about the importance of their oral health. Even when he has to perform a procedure on a child, his goal is to find a way to make the process as painless as possible.

Reasons Why Pediatric Dentistry Is So Vital

Preventative dental care is vital, which is why we offer cleanings, dental sealants, and fluoride treatments. During each visit, our dentist gives you an opportunity to ask questions regarding new or ongoing issues.

Oral issues such as dental caries (or cavities) are common for children, but if detected early, we can identify if your child is at risk and help to prevent them from developing.  We also work with parents to make them aware of their child’s developmental changes. This helps parents understand habits that may create adverse health effects for their children as they grow.

During the appointments, we provide you with information about preventative oral injury methods and stopping unwanted oral habits like thumb sucking. We also evaluate how your child’s teeth and jaws are developing, and determine a plan of action to prevent or correct any foreseeable issues.

Schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist at Sierra Dental Airdrie, AB, by contacting us at (403) 768-1000 or online here.


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