Emergency Dentist Airdrie SW

Emergency Dentist

We understand dental emergencies can cause stress and pain, but we have the resources to help with a wide range of issues. Our emergency phone service has a dentist on staff who will provide information on your situation to the best of their abilities. 

Family Dentist Airdrie

Family Dentistry

Sierra Dental Airdrie makes it a whole lot easier to get high-quality dental care for the youngest family member right through to the oldest. From pediatric dentistry to dentures, we’ve got you all covered.

Cosmetic Dentistry Airdrie

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our goal is to help you improve your family’s smile and keep your teeth for life. We offer cutting-edge cosmetic services including ZOOM™ Teeth WhiteningVeneers/ComponeersFull Mouth Restoration and Cosmetic Bonding.


We understand that you are busy and don’t always have time to visit a dentist for a routine checkup in the middle of your Monday. That’s why we offer extended hours from the top of the morning at 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM Monday through Thursday.

We are also open all throughout the weekend. That’s right, we’re open every day of the week.


To alleviate some of your stress, we offer direct billing, predeterminations of treatments, and financial arrangements to all our patients to ensure smooth and easy payment transactions.


We understand that dental services can be an unexpected expense. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans and options to suit our patients’ needs. Speak with one of our dental assistants to learn more.