Dental Reconstruction in Airdrie

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Our goal is to help you improve your family’s smile and keep your teeth for life.

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What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a way of completely restoring all of the teeth in your mouth.

This process, unlike a typical cosmetic smile makeover, can also correct painful problems with the TMJ and bite placement (occlusion) of the patient.

There are a number of different options and possibilities to fully restore your mouth.

Each treatment plan is customized and may include braces to realign the bite and straighten the teeth, implants to replace missing teeth, and or crowns or veneers to beautify.

Before you begin the rehabilitation, the entire treatment will be discussed and planned out so that you are clear on the steps and understand the process fully.

Dental Reconstruction Procedures

Once the optimal treatment plan is agreed upon between you and your dentist the lab will make up a diagnostic model and wax-up for the doctor and patient to look at together.

These are meant to give the required data for developing optimal aesthetics and function.

Doing a wax-up of the teeth is also utilized to determine the best shape, size, and position of the new teeth so patients know exactly what to expect.

Our experienced dentists have completed many beautiful full mouth dental reconstruction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For people that are suffering from painful dental problems, like dental occlusion (a problem with bite placement) or Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), a full mouth reconstruction can mean relief. In this procedure, we will evaluate the problem and determine which dental options will restore your mouth to the way it should be.

Treatments for full mouth reconstruction can include the use of braces, implants, veneers, and more. It is meant to help straighten and realign your teeth, as well as giving your mouth the look you want so you can smile.

Nothing is more confidence boosting than a great (and painless) smile.

The TMJ – temporomandibular joint – is the ‘hinge’ that connects your jaw to the skull. It has multiple moving parts, which increase the number of areas that could go wrong and cause TMJ dysfunction.

Although the exact cause of TMJ dysfunction is not well known, professionals in the dental and medical field largely agree that misaligned teeth or uneven bites, also known as malocclusions, could aggravate the symptoms associated with it. An uneven bite can lock up jaw joints, leading to a number of symptoms linked to TMJ pain, such as pain while chewing, pain in and around the ear, locking of the joint, and general jaw pain.

As such, using a full-mouth restoration to treat malocclusions and other dental problems could also help improve TMJ.

The following are five things to avoid chomping on after your full-mouth restoration:

  • Ice
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Hard bread
  • Hard candies