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Children’s Dental Program Westhills

Kids Dental ProgramThe team at Sierra Dental believes it is important to relate to your child. Our Sierra staff that work with children love spending time with them and understand how to motivate and inspire them to clean and care for their mouths 365 days a year; not just when they visit the dentist’s office. We also work with parents to notice and become more aware of their child’s developmental changes. This helps parents understand habits that may create adverse health effects for their children as they grow. Our practice is based on the belief that making things fun while empowering the kids to create a habit of morning and evening home care is one of the first steps to a lifetime of oral and overall wellness.Kids Dental Health Care The Canadian Pediatric Association recommends that your child see a dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts or by the age of one. We are proud that many children reach adulthood without a single cavity. By noticing changes quickly and implementing preventative measures, we can do our best to keep Sierra kids cavity free!
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